In Pics: Heavy snow blankets Bavaria, flights and trains cancelled

Written By: Prisha | Updated: Dec 03, 2023, 05:04 PM IST

Many parts of southern Germany were in chaos due to heavy snowfall on Saturday (Dec 2), as air and traffic remained blocked in the Bavarian state capital of Munich.

Heavy snow blankets Bavaria

Southern Germany witnessed heavy snowfall on Saturday (Dec 2) as air and traffic remained blocked in the Bavarian state capital of Munich.


Flights and trains from Munich cancelled

Around 760 flights and long-distance trains out of Munich were cancelled on Saturday (Dec 2) and Christmas markets remained closed. Some ski lifts were also not able to run and a football match was also cancelled as the city faced icy conditions. The flights resumed at Munich airport on Sunday (Dec 2).


No arrival or departure of flights at Munich airport

According to a statement on the Munich airport's website, the flights were not scheduled for departure or arrival at the airport till at least 6 am (0500 GMT) on Sunday (Dec 2).

"Everything is closed. Online doesn't work. Well, you have to be patient... there's nothing you can do," said Magda Shokosa, a stranded passenger at Munich Airport.


Trains fail to arrive at the central station

The website of Deutsche Bahn said that trains failed to arrive at the central train station of Munich. It added that the halt is expected to last all day and there may be considerable delays till Monday.

"We had to dig our way into the car park with shovels and then take a taxi because the buses weren't running," another passenger, Brigitte Schloessel said.


Transport accidents, traffic jams on icy roads reported

As per the local media, jams on icy roads snarled the traffic and numerous transport accidents were reported as the German Weather Service estimated 30-40 cm of snowfall by Saturday evening.

Because of heavy snowfall, a Bundesliga match to be held between Bayern Munich and Union Berlin was also postponed.


Some cheer wintry vibes, enjoy snowfall

Amid the chaos, some residents of Munich cheered the wintry atmosphere which was created by the snowfall as parents were seen pulling their children along on sledges.

"Finally snow again. I think it's great because it's a bit quieter. It's a nicer atmosphere overall," said Friedrich Zeller, who walking through the snowy streets, reported Reuters.