Voices of Goolarabooloo

A film by Ngikalikarra Media: https://youtu.be/OuBRqS2tuZw


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Feeling Country

Richard Hunter, Frans Hoogland, Jaqueline Wright from ABC Open, and I have been working on a project which I’d love to share with you all, it’s about Feeling Country. Many thanks to Jacqui for all the hours of pulling it together and to Gabrielle Norden and Sara Retallick for contributing beautiful sounds from Country. Enjoy!


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Recognising the rights of ‘nature’

Why New Zealand is granting a river the same rights as a citizen

This is very significant step towards recognising and granting legal rights to the earth and more-than-human entities. Recognising the agency of the more-than-human world (nature) and granting legal rights to entities such as rivers and to ecosystems is essential to protecting and sustaining sacred connections.

NZImage: The Whanganui River on New Zealand’s North Island will soon be given legal personhood. (Flickr/Kathrin and Stefan Marks/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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Ground is what lies beneath our feet. It is the place where we already stand; a state of recognition, the place or the circumstances to which we belong whether we wish to or not. It is what holds and supports us, but also what we do not want to be true; it is what challenges us, physically or psychologically, irrespective of our hoped for needs. It is the living, underlying foundation that tells us what we are, where we are, what season we are in and what, no mater what we wish in the abstract, is about to happen in our body, in the world or in the conversation between the two.

┬áDavid Whyte, from ‘Consolations

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Glowing review of Indigenous protected areas leaves sector proud but perplexed


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Threats to Indigenous heritage and sacred sites

An important episode of Living Black which reveals the extent of de-listing of Indigenous heritage sites by the Western Australian Government:

Saving the Burrup

This episode also includes footage of the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail and interviews with Goolarabooloo Traditional owners regarding the legacy that they seek to carry on in the face of industrial development of their ancestral lands.

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You’ve got to drown in it

Click here to read an essay I wrote about the performance of liyan (feeling and intuition) on the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail. The essay is published in Issue 11 of the PAN: Philosophy Activism, Nature Journal.


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Calls for greater recognition of the role of Indigenous peoples in tackling climate change

Paris 2015 Indigenous delegation: Allow us our land and we’ll stop climate change


Prime Minister Trudeau says Indigenous people key to stopping climate change



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Getting everybody connected to country

A very important and provocative article published in yesterday’s The Guardian online: What if Aboriginal people helped all Australians to connect to country?


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“We’re here”. When country makes itself visible

A beautifully produced radio documentary by ABC’s Earshot – Unmapping: Big Sky. Both country and Aboriginal people making ancient and ongoing people-place connections visible.

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