Contraction and convergence

Written on Wednesday 15th June

I have felt like an accordion this last week, so much air rushing in and being squeezed out – expanded thinking breaking the contracted boxes I had created to jam my ideas into. I am grateful for this expansion and feel a lot more free in my thinking. I am coming back to ideas that stimulated my thinking which led me to my masters research. It is as though I am reading my research proposal in new light. Of course I would! It is a litmus test of my growth and the development of my thinking over the past three months. Although now, particularly after my last mentoring session with A, I feel clearer on what resonates and what doesn’t. This gives me the confidence to move forward and believe that my learning is central to what I am doing. 

There are so many elements that feel ‘out there’ which I want to capture and synthesise. I want to see the relationships between the actors. Endless concept maps that still do not satisfy the urge to see the ‘big picture’. 

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