Stretching mind and being

Written on Tuesday 7th June

C and I shared a hearty conversation on Saturday night at D’s party. She was asking me what I was hoping to focus my research on. For the first time in a long time I was able to dive right to the heart of it; the original place I stood in when I felt compelled to dedicate my time to expand my view. Although a few days have passed, I hope that I can capture some of that conversation here. Something about expanding my paradigm and challenging my current world view… stretching my mind and heart to encompass new ways of thinking and being. Why come to this place? My journey as a sustainability educator has been pushing me deeper into myself. A questioning of why are we treating ourselves and the earth in this way? This sounds fragmented but I’ll keep going… What can I learn from other cultures about ‘being with’ people and country? The course that really attracted me at Antioch was Language, Metaphor and Worldview – the essence of what motivated me to continue with my Yolngu studies seemed embodied in that course. So grateful to have had that car ride back from Cape Paterson with H who held a mirror up to me and showed me how much I love learning about Yolngu people, language and culture.     

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