Uninvited guest. It’s time to go…

Written on Wednesday 8th June

I just turned a heater on, it’s freezing inside the house today. So cold I am even blowing smoke clouds out of my mouth and can see them puff away. A warm cup of rooibos tea in my hands (favourite Castlemaine cup smooth against my lips) brings a welcomed rush of warmth to my throat and belly. I had a terrible sleep last night. There was a distinct uninvited energy in my space. I could feel it while I was meditating. It makes me feel furious, deep in my gut. I can go on about this or frame the story in a different way – I have the power to choose. I can choose to stay here and be actively defending my space or I can move out. It feels like I am digging my heels in. I love my space which I have created, I want to be in it. I want to meditate in it – it feels light and warm sitting in the north sun, so peaceful. I know that I carry all of these things with me – warmth, light, peace – and that I can generate them anywhere. 

I have made a choice. I am moving out on Saturday 18th June. It feels good. Manymak.

This is my space

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  1. SMC

    This touches on a recent wondering of mine (a collective of influences from various places) about the role of space as more against place in our (colonial) toolkit. …

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