Performing learning

What happens when we learn in a ‘creative’ context?

“When we are weaving together, even though the stitches are the same, there’s an element of self that goes into the stitches. No matter what we create, and whether you remember the conversation, or something that’s come up culturally, the main thing is to be creating and learning at the same time” (Hamm, 2009: 46).

What does this bring up for me? Hamm’s quote does not really resonate with my own experiences (see Weaving a relationship). Whilst she focuses on the integration of self into that which is being created, I have spoken about a stripping back of personal identity and ownership. What is the basket evidence of? A product of personal endeavor? An artifact of learning? If so, what? A skill/technique or process? Maybe the self and how we create stories about ourselves whilst we are performing ‘learning’. Or, are the actors in weaving a  basket really performing a relationship? Reading back on this question I say, ‘Of course a relationship(s) is being performed!’ but between which actors? There are the visible physical actors performing, but what of the less visible/invisible metaphysical actors that are being performed when we weave together? What world is being made/re-made as we women all sit together performing this gunga djäma?

I haven’t even contemplated the ‘creative context’ in which these workshops take place. Do I want to frame it as that? Instead, maybe ‘generative practices’ of which, weaving is one and relationship building is another.

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