Surrendering into deep listening

I wrote this a few weeks ago, but forgot to publish it…

A deep resonance felt in my bones since coming back home.
The Island is full of conversation,
the ocean invites me to sit and watch through the cycles of sun and moon.
The surrender I feel here in the place is deep,
a safety to unfold, unfurl and listen.   

A beautiful ABC radio documentary on listening to country… deep listening.

Yorta Yorta woman Lou Bennett talks about, “Retrieving, reclaiming, regenerating,” Indigenous languages and what they represent, a unique cultural way of listening and speaking the world into being.

“When I speak in my language, it tastes like honey…” Lou Bennett

This all takes me back to earlier exploration into how language shapes our worldview our way of being in the world.

“Language is what connects us to country…” Doris Paton

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