Bill took us for a walk

I didn’t really know where we were going, just to the end of the beach to the rocks. Delicious rockpools along the way and it wasn’t long before I was stripping down and jumping in. The joy of cool sea water at the end of summer! Low tide, sun hanging low in the sky… just enough light to have a poke around and get up onto the Cape to watch the Shearwaters fly in. Perfect.

Juicy seaweed and pigface, crystal rockpool windows, squishy sea anemone, clicking, cracking sounds everywhere.  

Lying against the sun soaked granite, drinking in vicariously the heat of the day. Explosions of red lichen on rock pulling me further out. Magnetic.
A glorious disbelief… I live here??? 

Prehistoric? Time warp? Transported to a timeless place where I am just here, being… 

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