I’m coming back soon, I promise

We all have our own stories about the places that matter to us, and about the ways in which our lives have been affected, and even shaped, by the places in which we live‘ (Jeff Malpas, 2008, p. 325).

Too windy to paddle, we take to the track.

 Chasing down friends, stopping to look through windows.



Opening up.

Smooth, smooth, smooth… 

I enter the heathland and it enters my space. For a walk we enmesh.

‘Is our connection to place merely a contingent , an accidental feature of human life and experience? Is our connection to place merely a residue of the way human beings used to live – tied to a particular town, village or locality, and often having little or no experience of the world outside a certain narrow region? Perhaps it is the globalised contemporary world, in which air travel brings everywhere to within little more than a day’s journey, and in which the electronic media can connect us with just about anywhere at the press of a button or the click of a mouse, the idea that we have a special sense of place will come to seem rather old-fashioned, and the very notion of a special sense of place merely another form of nostalgia for a past that is no longer relevant or real’ (Jeff Malpas, 2008, p. 326).

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One response to “I’m coming back soon, I promise

  1. Never old fashioned. We belong, we've always belonged, we continue to belong…

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