Making heart sense of Gulaga

Back from Gulaga and a fleeting visit to the south coast of NSW. So much that has been felt is waiting to burst into my consciousness. My reasoning mind was definitely up to its old ticks – trying to box up and disbelieve things felt and perceived. But affirmation from those who also sense, feel and struggle to articulate this being with country has given me buoyancy… I’m floating…

Speaking with K yesterday about what is at the tip of the metaphoric iceberg – what we perceive – but questioning everything that is below the surface that does not always have a voice or a language to be realised in the mind. But the body knows. Connecting, connecting, connecting… to myself and feeling integrated and whole. I think that this is what I am really trying to do in this work. But the lines of self are getting blurry and I want to learn more about this softening of edges, the bleeding into what surrounds my body. I felt this at the Creation Rock at Gulaga on Saturday, a falling into, a message that not all which appears solid is.

So many ideas to explore which might shed light on and give a language to these experiences – the field that is referred to by Mindell in his exploration of what it is that we are connected to and the space that carries these connections.

And a fortuitous meeting with folk who are asking similar questions: what is it that we are seeking to articulate our connection with? What can traditional owners share with us that might inform this seeking? Knowing that I am just one amongst a sea of people exploring this is heartening.

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