The pull

I remember taking this photo of footprints in the sand as I walked from Quondong to Walmadany in 2007. An intense heat and a burning clarity. The colours keep speaking to me even now. They keep whispering to my heart… come back, come back, come back…

From last year’s journal. Done whilst in Mäpuru.

I was speaking with J last night about the afternoon footy game on the beach and in the water at Dugal (Flat Rock) during the Lurujarri trail in 2000. Back then there felt like there was so possibility, for everyone, for people staying connected with country. I don’t know how to describe what I feel now… hope despite the black cloud? Then we walked together on country, shared fire and food under Marella ( What is emerging now out of people standing up for country together? Love? Compassion? Understanding? Connection?

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