Spirals and circles

One of things we contemplated and explored in our deep listening circle yesterday was how we make meaning of spirals and circles. For me spirals are about going in to the heart, our core, and taking with us the nutrients we need to be whole. Like casting a net and catching fish… or maybe a fish trap that funnels in… collecting the feelings, ideas and knowledge that help us to transform. I remember the winter solstice spiral that J made out of candles when I lived at Wollangarra. A slow and intentional walk, a going in, and emerging back out with resolution and a deeper knowing. A part of me wonders why the centre of a spiral is not more prominent. But spirals are dynamic, by virtue of their form they beckon movement. Is there a gentle reminder here to maintain a flow?

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  1. Hi Nia!It was good to see you at the Deep Listening. A powerful afternoon.I have been working with the spiral and the circle for many years, but what I have found in the last year or so is that it has become 3D, so that rather than being flat as it is often portrayed in drawing and picture, it has become a whirling down and a whirling up like one of those garden charms you sometimes can get in garden centres. The whirling down can be difficult as it goes so deep, but also powerfully centering and enabling in the knowledge that is whirling back up. Reminds me of the whirling dervishes!

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