Letter to the Editor

Re: Lack of integrity to EPA process for JPP

I recently found out that only one of the board members appointed to the James Prices Point EPA investigation does not have a conflict of interest with the proposed Gas Hub project. I was shocked and very disappointed that such a huge proposed development, and approval process, could be left so vulnerable and with such little independent scrutiny. I have always upheld the belief that the EPA should be free of bias and a truly independent authority that has the capacity to advise the WA Government from this position of strength.

With such tremendous community opposition to the JPP Gas Hub project, this state of affairs makes a further mockery of the due approvals/planning process that should be followed in order to take into deep consideration the interwoven Indigenous, environmental, economic and social implications.

It clear to me that the EPA’s investigation into the impacts of the proposed gas hub at JPP must process must be carried out again, with a new Board that comprises of members who are all free of a conflict of interest with regards to this project.

Nia Emmanouil
c/o Coconut Wells

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