I discovered birds

A pre-dawn visit from this little creature,
perched on the Jigal tree near my swag.
It’s song calls to the sun, beckoning it to rise
and make a new day.
A chorus… soprano, metzo and alto,
soon I am pulled out of sleep.
Sun warming my head,
and hundreds of birds singing me into this light.

I heard them before,
the other times I came to be in this place.
It’s somehow different now,
they’re calling to me, not just making sound.
Brolga families rise up from the flats
and make flight for Buckley’s Plain.
Delicate Double-barred finch coming over for a drink,
perched on the edge of the old enamel bowl.
Rainbow bee-eaters leave their branch and fly in a circle,
out to catch their feed and then back again,
a brilliant flash of green.

Ah birds, you fill me such with joy.
I see you, I hear you…

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Filed under Birds, Dogs & Trees, Poetry

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