Up a pole

George. Six hours up a mono-pole. Protecting sacred country from desecration. Protesting against the Section 18 which Woodside have applied for to clear and drill sacred Indigenous sites around Walmadany.

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  1. So what is the significance of an act like this? Making your connection to country first difficult (via a pole) and then using this connection to make your tenacity very visible/public. Is George trying to expand the network of concern through a new type of link: people's sympathy/empathy/amazement/fascination. Is he linking up this network to other networks down through time where people have sat up on poles for some special reason? Is it just something personal? This is how much I care; how much the proposed development hurts me/us. There is an assumption that if I care THIS much, others may respond in various ways: others who care may show this in powerful ways; decision makers may be moved/shamed into making better choices. Woodside my be shamed publicly.In this case George has made 'being with' country both very painful and very visible .. in reaction to the possibility of losing his connection through Woodside's actions.

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