Lurujarri Dreaming – AWAY!

ABC Radio National, Saturday 2nd March, 6PM

Four years in the making, the animated Lurujarri Dreaming documents the Western Australian song-cycle from Broome up through the Dampier Peninsula.

This particular song-cycle is part of the annual nine day Lurujarri Heritage Trail which was established in 1987 by Goolarabooloo elder Paddy Roe.

Though since 2008 plans for a land based liquefied natural gas development have loomed over the Kimberley coast, in particular James Price Point (Walmadan), located approximately fifty kilometres north of Broome – this area making up part of the Lurujarri Heritage Trail.

Lurujarri Dreaming – AWAYE!

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  1. h

    Hi Nia, They've delayed the show – so it wont be showing this Saturday night – but in the next couple of months most likelyB

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