The act of walking


“In wandering I felt a sense of union with the whole sky, the infinite earth and sky. I felt myself a part of the cosmic existence. It was as if by walking I was making love to the earth itself. Wandering was my true path, my true self, my true being. It released my soul force, it brought me in relation to everything else. I stood like I stand in front of a mirror. People, nature, everything became like a mirror and I could see myself in them.”

-Satish Kumar, No Destination

I love this quote as it speaks of interconnectedness, embodiment and self-actualisation through the act of pilgrimage.

Pilgrimages are defined as ‘journey’s to a sacred place’ or ‘an act of religious devotion.’ We all have our different reasons, but one thing is certain; no matter what the intention, journeying brings us closer to our true selves. For this…

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