In their branches

The ABC Radio National Earshot Documentary ‘In their branches‘ tells us about people’s love of trees. These are true expressions of intimacy and joy. Here are some images of the trees I love, climb and dream of.

IMG_2316 Jigal at B IMG_1750 IMG_1723 IMG_1650 Twisted Titree 922ac-img_2492

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  1. Nia, So so wonderful to soak up your images of trees – I feel the warm Australian hug of their branches all the way here in Nepal. For me visiting the many sacred sites and places in Nepal, it is the trees which vibrate the life source and spirit for me. The ‘pipal’ Ficus religiosa is a holy tree, with adornment a plenty. Sitting underneath an ancient Pipal at Lumbini Buddah’s Birth Place the other week, I was struck by the quiet spaces within the tree – the nooks, cranny, branches, soft leaf fluttering as it danced with the wind. That was my meditation for the day. Joy! Thanks for being an anchor of Australian reflections in the midst of a sometimes busy challenging overseas living adventure. Cheers Kate Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2015 01:27:41 +0000 To:

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