ABC OPEN: Feeling Country – Walking the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail

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Each year the Goolarabooloo Indigenous Community guides people on a walk along the Lurujarri Dreaming Trail, an ancestral pathway that follows the Northern Tradition Song Cycle from Broome to Yellow River.

Walking this trail offers the time and space to slow down and listen to place in new or different ways, to feel Country.

Goolarabooloo storyteller, Richard Hunter, and Trail organiser, Frans Hoogland, share their perspectives on what Country is and how, through our liyan, we can all feel Country, including the räi (spirit entities) that enliven the Country with which we walk.

Production: Jacqueline Wright and Nia Emmanouil

Sounds: Sara Retallick, Gabrielle Norden, Jacqueline Wright

Images: Nia Emmanouil