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Washed up, tracked, cracked, shadowed…

This series of images was taken on the beach near Ngunungkurrukun, just at the base of the sandy cliffs. As I sat on the sand amongst the washed up debris I started to see jewels emerge, patterns in the form of what was lying around. I love just sitting in the one place and watching… the ordinary becomes extraordinary. As you can see I became obsessed with the oomung-oomung (hermit crab) tracks. I know that I have posted photos of them before, but I can’t stop following these trails… I love the image of the track that goes over a stick. Nothing stops these little sand dune climbers. Then there were the shadows. I watched these perform on the sand and cliffs and felt myself get drawn into the darkness and cracks. If only I was small, I would have such a new world to explore.

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