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The promise of a seed

Last week my friend R shared with me the idea/metaphor that a seed acts like an organiser. A seed contains all the information and plans (DNA) that are needed to shape energies to make a tree. At the time he shared this story I felt and knew it to be true, but the idea, as a metaphor, is taking shape in unexpected ways. He had used the metaphor in the context of social change. The manifestation of the metaphor that came into being whilst reading through my research transcripts was a little different.
Spirit, energy, genius
flowing through us
like nutrients, water;
what a seed needs
to germinate and grow
we receive,
we translate,
express and birth this essence
into physical form
seeds needs to be broken
so a new form
can emerge.

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The beach at 11 o’clock

Resting in a shallow cave in the sandy cliff,
Four pied oyster catchers waking me from my sleep.
The jellyfish have gone,
A neap tide and milky white ocean to swim in once more.
Ocean stratified in bands of blue – light and dark,
Blue sky with build up clouds.
Burning the soles of my feet in an unimagined delight,
Up and over the dune back to still heat.

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P.S. Send rain

I just watched a short film made by Annaliese Ceil Walker, which was inspired by Andrew McMillan’s poem A Postcard From Hell in October:

It reminded me of today, latitude 17.9620° S.

It’s hot.
The easterly is frying us like eggs today.
The wind teases by swinging around to the north-west, but only for a minute, then it’s gone.
Someone posted on FB that it was 28 degrees early this morning in Darwin.
I laughed and felt relief that I am a ways down south… not south enough.
Married turtle clouds float overhead laughing.
They’ll be no satisfaction from that mob in the sky for a while.
Meanwhile, miniature dragons masquerading as insects settle into my camp.
Did I unfurl the welcome mat?
Where is there relief then in this oven?
An ocean full of stingers and a hose filled with boiling water.
The options of getting wet evaporate, even in the shade.

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