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The voices that we listen to

Image source: The Guardian online. A painted ‘elf door’ in Selfoss, Iceland: the country’s rocky landscape is said to be home to many ‘hidden people’. Photograph: Bob Strong/Corbis

I came across an article today which caught my eye, it’s not everyday that you see mainstream media outlets publishing stories about elves, planning authorities and road builders. Far from being trivial, the article, In Iceland, ‘respect the elves – or else’ (by Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian online), sheds light on the ways in which some Icelandic people relate and listen to the land and entities that (might) dwell within. The claimed presence of elves, dwarfs and ghosts, which live in parallel communities to humans, is at the heart of several communities’ attempts to redirect developments which would otherwise affect the dwelling places of these entities. Wainwright writes,

The rock, known as Ófeigskirkja, has been at the centre of an eight-year battle to stop a road being built through this 8,000-year-old landscape, a spectacularly barren and evocative terrain a little to the north of Reykjavík, which some believe is a site of supernatural forces.

I am interested in what underlies these beliefs, or more subtly, a lack of denial of the presence of more-than-human land-dwelling entities. There is an interesting conversation to be had about the function that fairy tales and folklore serve  in maintaining balanced relationships between people and the land. Many of us left behind the notion that the land is enchanted when we stopped reading fairy tales, if not before. Folklore stories must hold real currency and exert agency in Iceland if people continue to relate to the land in this way. Or, perhaps other stories that lead to a disenchanted view of the land never quite gained as much power as their predecessors… Stories have the power to hold together truths, just as they have the agency to disassemble them. I am not particularly tied to any story in this instance, I am more interested in which ones are BIGGER and hold people and place together in particular ways.

In relation to people’s relationship with the land, Terry Gunnell, a researcher from the University of Iceland suggests that,

It’s about respect for nature, which is something Icelanders know is very much alive … When your house can be destroyed by an earthquake, when you can can be blown over by the wind, when boiling water from your taps tells you there’s lava not far beneath your feet – then you don’t mess with nature.

And at what cost do people ignore these entities? Wainwright recounts,

In Kópavogur, south of the capital, a rock known as Elfhill has caused disruption since the 1930s, when attempts to build a road through it were abandoned after a series of accidents. Plans to level the hill re-emerged in the 1980s, but problems recurred and workers refused to go anywhere near it. Even TV crews said their cameras failed to record anything when pointed at the rock.

The approach now taken by some developers in Iceland is one of caution. In some way, the voices of the elves – who can literally be heard by some and interpreted through significant happenings by others – are being heard and the enchantment of the land is allowed to exist.


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Stories in the sky: Indigenous astronomy

‘The stars hold great significance for Australia’s indigenous people. The sky is a textbook of morals and stories, retold from generations to generations. Through their Dreamtime legends, these stories have been the stages to their existence for thousands of years.’ (SBS online)

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Trying to see through the methodological fog

Steps in the process… all of them matter, not just the initial direct experience of being with country. A chain of performances of story, a transmutation of experiences of being with through stories and their performances and re-performances, as actors appear, disappear and re-appear with other new and old actors. The stories do different work, they don’t just have a singular purpose or a singular audience or meaning. We become inscribed in stories and are ‘made’ through or emerge from stories. Our connections are articulated and are there on the ‘outside’ for us to see. It is a process of making things visible (and maybe other things invisible).

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The story that wrote itself

For months now I have been ignoring a story that has been nagging at me to write it. There were countless reasons why I ignored it… not political enough, not theoretical enough… About a month ago, after listening to the Elizabeth Gilbert TED Talk I finally surrendered to the story (I loved Gilbert’s description of the poet Ruth Stone being chased by her poetry across the fields). This story most definitely has a life of its own, for it pounced out of me and occupied the pages on my screen with such intention and will. What was it that Gilbert was saying about being a conduit for a creative force…? I am not insinuating that this story will be a bestseller or even published, for me it is inconsequential. The thing that I have been relishing ever since I let the story go, is the process of writing the story, or should I say, letting the story write itself. It is my being with the story which I want to write about and make sense of.

Writing was an opportunity to sit with, be with and occupy the story… the places, the people, the moonrises and the heat of the day. Sitting down to write is usually a dualistic experience for me. There is me, then there is the story on the computer screen. Yes the story originates from me, but there is some kind of disconnect that I usually cannot seem to reconcile. For this story, it was as though I had crawled through the lines on the screen, only to emerge in country. I was feeling story as place. It had the hallmarks of the seductive escapism I experience when reading good literature or watching a film. The other world, out there, seemed less appealing to occupy. So I wonder, will I feel another story tugging at my sleeve, asking me to pen it? Or am I a one story pony??? 

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